The stage of the tide and how hard the current is running (caused by the tide flooding and ebbing) have an enormous effect on a chance of catching a fish. Knowing how to read tide charts correctly and apply that data to your fishing decisions will determine how successful your fishing day on the water might be.

The fisherman should be able to use a yearly tide chart to plan his fishing well into the future. Most tide charts show the date and time of the high and low waters as well as the height of the tide. The height above mean low water can make the difference between catching fish or going home skunked. The height makes such a difference because the flow of the current becomes stronger as the height increases, which causes the water tobecomes turbid. Turbidity is suspended silt which has been stirred up from bottom sediments. Turbid water reduces the chances of the fish seeing your bait.

Below is a list of tide chart for the year 2009. simple select what month and click, to enlarge the image or if you want to download a PDF File